The Minhocão Marquise

The Minhocão viaduct was built in 1971 as a sign of the modernity who gave to the cars a central place. Today, it appears as a scar in São Paulo downtown. The director plan has until 16 years to transform this elevation of almost 3km. For many years the focus was on the future of“The Minhocão Marquise”

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Event 10/05/2015

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of “Minhocão” (an elevated track in the center of São Paulo): it would be demolished or should be the framework for a hanging park. However, little is said about how to improve the plight of the area below the road. The São Paulo government“Event 10/05/2015”

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Saint-Gobain Awards

RB12 received the 6th of March 2015 the first prize in the professional category and the special prize, at the Saint-Gobain competition that rewards innovative projects in sustainable architecture.