Event 10/05/2015

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of “Minhocão” (an elevated track in the center of São Paulo): it would be demolished or should be the framework for a hanging park. However, little is said about how to improve the plight of the area below the road. The São Paulo government has intervened to create bike roads. We see a great opportunity to think and create with landscaped community that fosters the region.
Pedaling under current conditions is extremely unpleasant and quite dangerous for the cyclist health because of pollution and noise. In this reflection, Triptyque Architecture, Movement 90 ° and urban acupuncture, with the support of Czerozero and Catraca Livre, want to gather the attention of all potential stakeholders of the Marquise Minhocão collective project, to be presented at the Hotel Town and run in parallel with the ongoing work on the bike road. We intend to reach many people in a meeting on site to discuss the needs, opportunities and solutions for a real transformation of public space. Bring your ideas, your dreams and your cooperation!
. Inspiration museum; . Exchange of ice cream dreams . Model of the project (and implementation plan); . Music; . Smoothies; . Space to relax; . Plants; . Decoration
Date: 05/10/2015
Time: 3pm Location: Rua da Amaral Gurgel Cruzamento com Rua General Jardim na parte baixo do elevado
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