The Arquitetura casa of Porto (Portugual) acquires the Arapiraca project of the Triptyque Agency

Like the Pompidou Center or the Moma, the Casa de Arquitetura’s mission is to build an ambitious permanent collection in architecture, bringing together various items such as drawings, photographs, models, films, ceramics and documents. After the Colombia and Inhotim projects held at the Pompidou Center, the Arapiraca project also enters the permanent collection of Casa de Arquitetura. This is a residential complex built on Arapiraca street in Brazil. The building is divided into 8 building blocks marrying the complex contours of a plot located at Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo. Each block has independent access and positioning to ensure the best view and optimization of natural ventilation. A 9th block shelters the elevators, the shafts and the stairs, it concentrates the exits of the metallic footbridges: place of circulation and socialization between the inhabitants.

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