Maison de France

Cultural and Diplomatic Building

Client: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 9000 m² | Ground: 1350 m²
City: Rio de Janeiro | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs entrusts Triptyque with the renovation of the Maison de France in Rio de Janeiro.

The 13-storey building, located in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro, was built between 1950 and 1956 by two modernist architects, Auguste Rendu and Jacques Pilon. The latter is also the author of the Edifício Paulicéia in São Paulo and the Pasteur High School in Rio, two iconic works of the modernist movement in Brazil.

Designed from the outset as a cultural complex, La Maison de France goes beyond its diplomatic function and serves the dissemination of French culture. As a consular, economic, linguistic and cultural center, the Maison de France is the heart of the French presence in Rio de Janeiro. It houses the Consulate General of France, the service of cooperation and cultural action, the economic service, the Alliance Française, the France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce, French companies, a media library, as well as a theater of 350 places.

The House of France is also endowed with a European identity, since it hosts the Consulate General of Germany and the Honorary Consulate of Finland. Becoming the “House of Europe”, it strengthens the partnership initiated by the French and the Germans in terms of diplomatic and cultural action.

The work of Triptyque is to revive this building of the 50s to create contemporary and innovative equipment through international collaboration, in a jewel of the “modernist Brazil”.

Coordinator: Luiz Trindade | Project Manager: Damien Murat

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