Arco Tietê

Urban Planning

Client: São Paulo City Hall | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 60 km²
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2013

In January 2013, one of the first initiatives of São Paulo’s new Mayor, Fernando Haddad, was to launch a call for tenders for the elaboration and presentation of studies regarding the urban transformation for an urban area called Arco Tietê. This area is strategic since it is part of a key axis for the long scale development of São Paulo city: The arc of the future.

The studies of the Arco Tietê pre-viability should take into account the strategic condition of this 60 square kilometers territory, in the sense of urban space as much as in the macro-metropolitan and regional sense, in order to balance the urban development on a social, economic and environmental point of view for the city of São Paulo.

Our proposal is based on the recovery of the Arco Tietê’s territory geography of the Arco Tietê through three different actions. First, nothing can be done without the creation of a transversal organization that brings together state, municipality, transports, energy and all influential agents over the territory. For this, we propose the establishment of an Urbanism workshop following the model of the APUR, intended to manage this historical debate on the future of São Paulo urbanism.

Second, we believe it is important to take advantage of the Marginal Tietê, a road infrastructure created by the use of geography and take it as a structural axis of the territory. We want the Marginal, nowadays working as an urban freeway, to become an urban axis that will be the basis of the economy and social life in this territory. This axis will be established around a linear park created through the expropriation of an “organic strip” of land along the paths of the Marginal. The car traffic will continue over the roads provided for this purpose, but a common carriers axis along the Marginal will take charge of the mobility in the linear park. The city will, thus, recover its relationship with the river, which will now be the main rationale for the local urban development: an axis that will reconcile the environment, the economy, housing and mobility.

Finally, we want to establish the Arco Tietê and mainly the axis of the Marginal Tietê as a cultural corridor that will focus several fixed and mobile cultural activities in the urban local tissue and on the banks of the river. For this, we propose the construction of a Linear Art and Creation Museum located on the bank of the river, giving a cultural aspect to the linear park, bringing the population closer to the territory’s geography it occupies.

Our team is formed by:

  • Argeplan: Master plans, viability studies, supervision and execution of projects, environmental studies. Consultants of civil engineering and transportation.
  • Phytorestore: Research and development specialized in phytorestauration. Projects to recover green areas and waterways. Consultants of environmental and water treatment issues.
  • Marcio Bueno: Lawyer and Former Housing Secretary of São Paulo. Legal consultant.
  • Hervé Théry: Geographer, professor from the Federal University of São Paulo and a member of the Centre de recherche et de documentation sur l’Amérique latine.
  • New Urban Functions: Development of urban projects, assembly of real estate operations.

General Manager: Luiz Trindade | Project Manager: Alexandre Pierrard | Credits: Triptyque

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