Residential Building

Client: Idea Zarvos | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 8000 m² | Ground: 3500 m²
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2012 – 2016

The project, the result of our second collaboration with Idea! Zarvos stands on land elevation. It is composed of 45 modules of the same size floor (7.5 x 7.5 m) of which the game will be repeated in an organized disorder 10 turns interconnected by a single round of circulation and external gateways. The movement is sometimes given by advances in terrace and different heights of terrain that offers various types of nesting on 9 floors simplex apartments with roof terrace, duplexes, houses and shops.

External facades coated gray color gives a rough appearance of a certain rusticity while white and blue tiles that cover the internal surfaces reflect sunlight. The smooth, shiny and clear the small tiles are a real prism lights inside this set of towers and bridges, they allow residents to access their homes by private and external access.

Coordinateur: Luiz Trindade | Chef de projet: Bianca Coelho, Beatriz Hipólito, André Mathias | Crédits: Ricardo Bassetti