Comercial Building

Client: Natekko | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 4700 m²
City: Rio de Janeiro | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2014 – 2015

Triptyque, a Franco-Brazilian architecture firm dedicated to sustainable design, is building Rio de Janeiro’s first commercial building based on positive energy from Brazil. RB12 combines the boldness of design with innovative technologies for sustainable development.

Located at number 12 of Rio Branco Avenue, the main economic artery of the center of Rio de Janeiro, the eponymous building has undergone a retrofit-ecological process commonly referred to as Retrofit Green to adapt and improve old buildings. so that they meet the requirements of contemporary sustainable construction. The technical device set up for the first time in Rio de Janeiro within this building, allows optimal management of water consumption, the use of natural light and thus offers a well-being and comfort superior to tertiary real estate products.

RB12 presents a bioclimatic facade composed of a set of windows that, like a diamond, plays with the refraction of light. RB12 is the first commercial building in Brazil to use photovoltaic panels (installed on the side facade). It anticipates the change of Brazilian legislation that prohibits self-production of energy outside solar panels, indeed the building already provides for the location of fuel cells whose hydrogen cells will turn the gas from the street into electricity .

Hanging gardens on the terraces make it possible to optimize the cooling and the thermal control of the interior spaces.

The innovative architectural solutions and intelligent technology implemented not only reduce energy consumption, but also make significant savings to future buyers of 21 trays.

Natekko, leader of the French market of sustainable constructions, is at the initiative of this new concept of commercial building. MMC Investimentos, an innovative company among property management companies, was responsible for managing the project.

General Manager: Luiz Trindade | Project Manager: Vinícius Capella, Marcea Sampaio, Danilo Vicentini, Alfredo Luvison, Paula Megiolaro, Juliana Becker, Renan Bussi | Credits: Thiago Bicas, Vincent Vidal

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