Exhibition Center

Client: Gignac City Hall | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 4680 m² | Ground: 186 400 m²
City: Gignac | Country: France
Schedule: 2012 – 2012

Gignac is a set comprising a machine to manufacture culture, energy, economy and social, without losing sight of its primary purpose: to divulge and promote culture in the form of concert, sociability in form meetings, and economy in the form of fairs. The proposed land presents farmland, direct access to the banks of the Hérault, remarkable accessibility and the presence in its vicinity of a composting plant. It seemed fundamental to us to work the “genius of the place” by “lifting” a piece of the territory to insert the program as an implant. This raised skin acts as a belvedere, support for programmatic elements (refreshment booths, explanatory panoramas, etc.), flow management (pedestrians and bicycles) and support for sustainable development (biomass production, natural filter of rainwater , etc.). The space formed by this rising, closed by large polycarbonate panels, naturally illuminates its interior and thus delimits the equipment.

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Since 2000, Triptyque Architecture has been exploring tools for contemporary and sustainable architecture and contributing to the development of urban areas. Today based in São Paulo and Paris, the agency created by Grégory Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaelli completes its 15 years of creation.

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Today recognized for its contemporary work and expertise in sustainable construction, the Triptyque agency is invited to create installations that are presented at the Hong Kong / Shenzhen Biennale in 2009, at the Guggenheim Museum. New York, London Festival of Architecture, Victoria & amp; Albert Museum of London in 2010; and in the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center in Paris since January 2014. </ p>

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Damien Murat | Credits: Triptyque