Réinventer Paris

Public Competition

Client: Paris City Hall | Architect: URBEM-Triptyque
City: Paris | Country: France
Schedule: 2016-2017

The URBEM-Triptyque Consortium was supported by investors, twelve architecture and urban-planning agencies from six countries – France, Brazil, Chile, USA, Italy and Switzerland – leading banking establishments, “urban activists”, property developers, sociologists and lawyers, all committed in the reflection about the future of cities, to create a diversified, avant-garde and realistic reflection.

Thus, a network of actors of urban regeneration was formed, including Paulo Mendes Da Rocha (Pritzker 2006), Alexandros Washburn (director of urban-planning of New York City under Michaël Bloomberg’s mandate), internationally renowned architects such as Carlo Ratti, Edouard François, Alejandro Aravena (pritzker 2016), financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch Bank of America, BTG Pactual and Leste Global Investment, and young Franco-Brazilian activists such as Alessandra Orofino and Miguel Lago, whose their Citizen mobilization platform won the Google Impact Award in 2014.

 The URBEM-Triptyque Consortium presented a set of 12 different proposals for 12 sites from the call for Innovative Urban Projects: reinventer.paris. There are not only 12 distinct projects, signed by great architects, isolated in their work, but above all a collective reflection about the Paris of tomorrow, from a point of view bigger than per site.

In other words, our approach is not animated by the avidity to take possession of many of the project’s sites, but by the ambition to develop innovative urban creations, with a perspective of action and reflection well beyond a simple real estate project whose beneficiaries would be less.

Coordinateur: Damien Murat | Crédits: TRIPTYQUE