Sesc Franca

Social and Cultural Facility Competition

Client: SESC | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 20.229 m² | Ground: 20.229 m²
City: Franca | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2012

The creation of a new SESC Franca goes beyond a simple social and cultural equipment. We faced a fundamental question of urban planning, the sustainable construction in its entire meaning: energetic, ecological, but also social. Therefore, we proposed an ambitious solution across the territory and the program.

Three major ideas led the project: smooth insertion into the field, optimization of bioclimatic concepts applied to architecture, and an “urbanization” of the programs promoting programmatic “frictions” generating socialization and sociability. Thanks to this “programmatic explosion” in small architectural units, the program can be inserted on the ground respecting its own topography and altitude. The park will enable a stroll through these small units that will assure ventilation and natural lighting. The integration of the field is one of the major issues of SESC Franca, due to a large difference in levels and the particularity of the topography. We aimed to take advantage of this data to distribute the programs by level, adjusting a maximum at the location. Thanks to the fragmentation of the SESC Franca large program into small entities, we reduce the impact of the construction; and by avoiding digging the soil we optimize costs and reduce interference with the original field.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Ricardo Innecco | Credits: IMAGINE, Ricardo Innecco