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Brazilwood Manifesto / Oswald de Andrade

Oswald de Andrade, 1928.

“Only Cannibalism unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically.

The unique law of the world.The disguised expression of all individualisms, all collectivisms.Of all religions.Of all peace treaties.

Tupi or not tupi that is the question.

Against all catechisms.And against the mother of the Gracos.

I am only interested in what’s not mine. The law of men.The law of the cannibal.

We are tired of all those suspicious Catholic husbands in plays. Freud finished off the enigma of woman and the other recent psychological seers.

What dominated over truth was clothing, an impermeable layer between the interior world and the exterior world. Reaction against people in clothes. The American cinema will tell us about this.

Sons of the sun, mother of living creatures. Fiercely met and loved, with all the hypocrisy of longing: importation, exchange, and tourists. In the country of the big snake.

It’s because we never had grammatical structures or collections of old vegetables. And we never knew urban from suburban, frontier country from continental. Lazy on the world map of Brazil.

One participating consciousness, one religious rhythm.

Against all the importers of canned conscience.For the palpable existence of life. And let Lévy-Bruhl go study prelogical mentality…”

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