Pivô Art Center and Triptyque Architecture announce the launch of PIVÔtable

Annually, the Pivô Art Center holds a Wall Auction as its main fundraising event. The works donated by important artists of different generations are displayed in the institution and are presented first hand to the participants of the annual Pivô Dinner. In 2016, Triptyque Architecture developed an original design to accommodate dinner participants in a playful and in-depth dialogue with space. Several tables of varied shapes – all ameboides and curvilines were distributed throughout the space accompanied by the unusual architecture of Oscar Niemeyer.


And from this idea – and with an eye on the curves of the Copan Building, the creation was remodeled and named PIVÔtable to be presented on the floor of the architects’ projects at SP-Arte 2018. Triptyque invited the Ateliês Crudo to execute the project. The organic table will have the option of five sizes and ends of different widths: the smaller can be used for a more intimate dinner and the larger one for a date for more guests.


The materials chosen were the Ipê and Tauri woods that make up the top and the feet, playing with the direction of the wood shafts and the specific natural tone of each piece. The joints and the fixation of the table and the feet are of fit, remembering the technique of the marquetry. Part of the income received from the sale of PIVÔtable will be reverted to the Pivot, giving continuity to this partnership started in 2016.

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