SOMA Gallery opens exclusive exhibition with 37 models of the Triptyque Architecture

A retrospective of Triptyque Architecture’s work since the 2000s can be seen until May 1 at the SOMA Gallery in Curitiba, which will uniquely feature 37 exclusive models created from architecture office projects. The space is directed by Eduardo Amato and Malu Meyer, and is housed in a house of 1924 in the center of Curitiba with 400 m² receiving exhibitions, workshops, residents, art and education with the aim of encouraging the approximation and collecting of contemporary art.


The idea arose in 2017 at the opening of the new Triptyque Architecture office in the center of São Paulo, a powerful space for unfolding new ideas, images, people, an experience as we explored the lines of the listed building, signed by Oswald Bratke, through the balconies where we see the Copan, and right next to the traditional street of the architects of modernist seeds, of avant-garde projects of cosmopolitan São Paulo.


Among the highlights are the models of the Urban Forest building, whose concept is the metaphor of a habitable urban forest and assumes the tropical forest as the basis of its sustainability and energy efficiency strategies; the model of the Tropical Tower, a set consisting of four towers with a mixed program: 400 apartments, a hotel, offices and shops; and the model of the building AG7 BURJ, project of a tower in Curitiba by the company AG7. With approximately 40 floors, the tower will be 130 meters high in one of the highest regions of the city allowing a 360º view of the city, highlighting the Barigui Park, suspended forests, which take a lot of green to the floors of the building, also integrate the project.


Triptyque Architecture Models
20th april to 1st of may
SOMA Galeria
Rua Brigadeiro Franco, 2137 – Centro, Curitiba
(41) 99600-3733

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