Water Tower

Panoramic Restaurant

Client: Concours | Architecture: Triptyque + Sébastien Duron
Surface: 550 m² | Ground: 1200 m²
City: Le Mesnil-Amelot | Country: France
Schedule: 2017

We realized a dream of architecture: to design a place in weightlessness at 25 m from the ground – hovering – suspended between heaven and earth – between the fields and the race of planes. Floor, ceiling, walls, disappear to plunge the visitor into a disconcerting sensory experience, unique in the world within a water tower.

Set on an old abandoned water tower, at the end of the runway at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, the building is designed to attract visitors from Roissy, the department and elsewhere.

It functions as an observatory, a platform, from which the visitor embraces the distant vision of the artificial and natural landscape, while enjoying the smallest details of a dish and seize with a same look the near and the far, the present and future site.

We want to give the visitor the impression of floating in the air. The view from the restaurant is 360 degrees: we observe the takeoff of planes, we perceive the surroundings and we feel the presence of the water tower below.

The project is designed as urban equipment, it offers free and public access to the panoramic terrace. The square creates a turn-of-turn and activated by the presence of a café and the staging of the kitchens qualifies the neighborhood and can receive events or temporary and seasonal events.

The sloping roof covering the kitchens and bar will be planted and suggests use as a step for various types of temporary uses (outdoor cinema, volleyball, half pipe), but can also be used as a vegetable garden. In-house production of quality organic products can be promoted by the operator and can be a positive factor for rooting in the community (educational activities in partnership with schools or neighborhoods, etc.)

General manager: Damien Murat | Project manager: Julie Cassin, Valentin Garnier, Zineb Benchekroun, Luiz Marino | Credits: Triptyque + Duron 

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