Villa M

Mixed Use Building

Client: Pasteur Group | Architect: Triptyque + P. Starck interior design
Surface: 8000 m² | Ground: 1246 m²
City: Paris | Country: France
Schedule: 2015 – 2019

Villa M is a multifunctional hotel focused on health; an innovative space proposing to create new dynamics and new practices. Designed by the Pasteur Mutualité Group, it brings together a creative team made up of Philippe Starck, artistic director and decorator, the Triptyque agency, for the architecture of the project, and Coloco, a contemporary landscape studio, for its landscape design.

Composed of a minimal, airy and light structure, Villa M is the support of a vertical garden. This structure functions as a giant wire mesh echoing the Parisian architecture developed in the early 19th century, and allows to easily build the building Boulevard Pasteur (Paris 15th) of 8000 m2. The team of landscapers, urban planners, botanists and gardeners of Coloco also worked for the global integration to the Parisian landscape.

The vocation of this atypical place to accompany a “care-better” and a “live better” is symbolized by an opening on the outside. Its transversal shape echoes the composite place that will be the Villa M. Designed as a large infrastructure and livable landscape, it will host a hotel, a connected health home, a check-up area, but also student rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a conference area, a co-working space and a showroom for start-ups in the health sector, enough to innovate the brewing, exchanges and mutual aid between different specialties and different generations health professionals.

Under the artistic direction of Philippe Starck, Triptyque accompanied by Coloco, designed the Villa M as an organic creation, a support to urban biodiversity, thus meeting the objectives of the plan of greening 2014-2020 of the City of Paris. It is a truly unique garden building that will develop in a long time.

General Manager: Morgan Rappy | Project Manager: Daniel Böer | Credits: +IMG

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