Universeine – JO 2024

Housing - Mixed Use

Client: Vinci Immobilier | Architecture: Triptyque, Chaix et Morel
Taktyk, Artelia, Eliothech, Paris Ouest Construction.
Surface: 22.000 m² | Ground: 1246 m²
City: Saint Denis | Country: France
Environnemental Performance: E3CI
Year: 2023



The architects propose an eco-designed and reversible housing building, planned to accommodate Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the first instance, after which the apartments will be put up for sale for free ownership and for social rental.

The spirit of the Universeine district is fully reflected: adaptable to lifestyles concerned with the environment, attentive to their carbon footprint while advocating sharing and social ties.

The frugality of the materials and systems used as well as the reversibility of their implementation constitute the radically contemporary challenge of the project. In search of innovative, environmentally friendly ways of living: planting wherever possible, while taking care not to resort to energy-intensive technologies.

Within the framework of the E+C- (Energy + Carbon) label, the project aims to achieve the E3C1 level, which promotes positive energy and low carbon footprint buildings. led by the Hysplex group). The main challenge is to preserve biodiversity, but also natural and energy resources.

Project Director: Morgan Rappy | Project Chief: Alexandre Pierrard



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