Tropical Tower


Client: Confidencial | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 35.000 m² | Ground: 38.900 m²
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2015 – 2019

Triptyque Architecture is part of a master plan of 150,000m2 in the city of São Paulo organized around an university park receiving 15,000 students. The complex consists of four towers including Tropical Tower, with a mixed program: 400 apartments, an hotel, offices and shops. Two other French agencies were invited to intervene on this project: PCA and Edouard François.

The Tropical Tower designed by Triptyque Architecture is an element of two twin towers of mixed programming (lofts and hotels) connected to the 23rd floor by a footbridge, its 45 floors will receive 200 apartments.

The Tropical Tower is defined by its non-linearity, opposing an ambient rationality, it is a twist of the architectural body. This body is inhabited by a vegetation spanning 150m in height. Each floor gives access to plants, where the terraces in excrescence support trees or even greenhouses some of which will be used for growing vegetables.

The architecture of the Tropical Tower is expressive, the black concrete slabs form horizontals framing the glass arranged in full height which offers a transparency and a view to the inhabitants.

Finally, the tower is equipped with mobile sun blocker arranged on the most exposed facades, this mobility creates a vibration, a deconstruction of the order within an organic architecture.

General Manager : Luiz Trindade | Project Manager: Bianca Coelho, Fernanda Figueira, Natasha Taylor, André Mathias, Murillo Fantinati, Renan Bussi | Credits: Ricardo Bassetti

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