Rio Olympic Golf

Competition for the Olympic Golf Headquarters

Client: Rio de Janeiro City Hall | Architect: Triptyque
City: Rio de Janeiro | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2012

Our architectural proposal for the Rio Olympic Golf ground in Barra da Tijuca meets the triple challenge of being, simultaneously, the headquarters of the 2016 Rio Olympic Golf Games, the seat of the Brazilian Golf Confederation and becoming the first club / golf course + installation + school – public of the country.

The solution to this triple challenge was possible thanks to the creation of a marquee. It will integrate the three essential functions of the program: the social services, the headquarters of the Confederation and that of the school. The image of the Marquise is rooted for a long time in the Brazilian architectural tradition. It presents the essential characteristics of this proposal. In addition to unification and protection of the place, leaving visible the three independent units, it appears as a vertical and monumental organization, on a human scale, fluid and transparent, inviting the public to practice or to discover this sport. The dialogue with the landscape as well as the road is permanent and offers endless views and frames.

Finally, access to the marquee roof is permitted but under controlled conditions. Therefore, the public can enjoy during its ride, the fantastic view of the countryside during or outside competitions.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Credits: IMAGINE

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