Bibliothèque multimédia

Client: Osny City Hall | Architecture: Triptyque + BIDARD & RAISSI
Surface: 1487 m² | Terrain: 2150 m²
Ville: Ville d’Osny | Pays: France
Années: 2012 – 2015

The media library of Osny was conceived as a covered urban space: an extension of the public space. The project takes shape by freeing up the architectural plan, reducing the boundaries between inside and outside. The building is designed as a hall, emphasizing the spatial fluidity and scalability of interior interior spaces for future adaptations.

The media library is covered by a large concrete slab supported by regular posts. The interior spaces are delimited by a large glass curtain. The building thus benefits from a maximum transparency which makes it possible to put the spaces into perspective. Moreover, the partitioning no longer exists, optimizing the ratio of public equipment to the life of the municipality. The architectural expression has been simplified to the benefit of the size of spaces: generous volumes and heights, glazing any height.

The media library is built on two levels: on the ground floor there will be spaces devoted to children and young adults, a fiction sector, a press sector and a relaxation area as well as the entertainment room for conferences and exhibitions. The mezzanine will house the administration. Finally, the documentary spaces, multimedia and a work room will be located upstairs.

Thus, the media library Osny becomes a symbol of the fluidity and dissemination of information for all. It portrays and reaffirms real social relationships as a foundation of virtual worlds. Today’s media library, according to Triptyque, is a public forum for accessibility and exchange of information.

Coordinateur: Morgan Rapy | Chefs de projet: Morgan Rapy, Damien Murat | Crédits: Fernando Guerra

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