Mixed Use Public Competition

Client: Crescendo | Architect: Triptyque + Bidard & Raissi
Surface: 6200 m² | Ground: 1730 m²
City: Nanterre | Country: France
Schedule: 2016

This project in Nanterre is an hybrid place of a radically new kind, a place of life, social mix, spatial flexibility and agricultural production. We consider that the city must be rich in uses and diversity. Thus, building a simple residential building was not the goal of our project. We wanted to create a “well of life”. This one would allow the meeting of domestic, associative, and productive spheres. In a simple and generous form, articulating an heterogeneous urban fabric, we propose a project that meets the desire of citizens: more social justice and functional diversity.

The project is inhabited by a farm which is installed on the roof and the ground floor, offering the Terraces a plant building and the city Marcellin a view towards a farm garden. The building unfolds like strata with balconies and terraces all around it; its balconies and terraces are inhabited by agricultural and bucolic vegetation. Allowing to create a pleasant environment for the inhabitants but also what works there thanks to its abundant greenery of the rez of garden until the roof of the building but also thanks to the external extensions which are omnipresent.

Since 2000, Triptyque Architecture has been exploring tools for contemporary and sustainable architecture and contributing to the development of urban areas. Today based in São Paulo and Paris, the agency created by Grégory Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaelli completes its 15 years of creation.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Francine Ouriques | Credits: Triptyque, Rocco (3D Perspective)