Re-Inventer Paris Competition

Client: Paris City Hall| Architect: Triptyque
Surface:186 400 m²  | Ground: 4680 m²
City:Paris | Country: France
Schedule: 2016

For centuries, Paris has established itself as one of the cities with the most emblematic urbanism. From the Haussmann boulevards to the Autolib, it is a reference for urban reforms around the world.Only team to have answered thirteen of the seventeen places submitted to the tender, we have formed for the a unique international consortium of twelve architecture and urban planning offices, supported by an original association of investors, leading financial institutions, “urban activists”, real estate developers, sociologists and lawyers. to carry out the Morland project.

All together, we have reflected on the most effective, innovative and realistic way of rethinking these twelve places to truly reinvent Paris. Triptyque took over the site of “Morland” with a strong concept: Tropicaliser Paris.

Despite its extraordinary location in the heart of Paris, an accurate urban analysis shows that Morland is likened to a kind of No Man’s land in the center of one of the most dynamic areas of Paris, between the Marais, the Ile Saint-Louis and the University of Jussieu. He is in a void and represents this emptiness alone. Morland aims to fill this void, to give the neighborhood a new face, a new dynamic. It can play the role of a new centrality.

We have conceived Morland as a Manifesto, as a symbolic monument of new processes of participation, collaboration, sharing and creativity. Like the heart of Reinventing Paris. We have sought to create a project that goes beyond Morland’s asceticism in favor of an architecture that allows enjoyment, spontaneity, the experience of the city.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Damien Murat | Credits: Ricardo Basetti, Imagine