Morar Carioca

Urban Planing

Client: Rio de Janeiro City Hall | Architecture: Triptyque
Ground: +500 houses
City: Rio de Janeiro | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2011

Morar Carioca is a project that aims to intervene and change the destiny of favelas. This is an exceptional opportunity for all lovers of the city, Brazil and its inhabitants. The favelas, slums, shantytowns represent one third of the world’s population and therefore constitute a universal theme. We must be ready to take up this historic challenge.

The contest aims to respond indirectly to another major challenge of the contemporary city: the integration of low-income populations in the central areas of large cities.

Our team aims to respond in a transversal and interactive way to the extraordinary complexity of the transformations to be implemented, involving beneficiaries, real resources available. The rich human and cultural heritage of the communities must have a privileged place in the realization of this project.

We therefore propose a dynamic method based on interaction and parameterization, leaving the contextual specificities to influence the final result. We seek to regenerate the favela, not to replace it. We can not neglect the improvements needed to implement in housing. To provide the means to regenerate the favela, it is fundamental to plan, perhaps bringing to heal this chronic disease of modern societies.

From the precise study of each context, we propose to identify the intervention strategies developed in 11 main themes. We chose not to emphasize any aspect in particular. Each sub-theme can be, depending on the context, the decisive factor.

General Manager: Luiz Trindade | Credits: Triptyque

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