Residential Building

Client: Confidencial | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 1280 m² | Ground: 425 m²
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2007 – 2012

Leitão 653 is a building located in the heart of Pinheiros, a popular area where small traditional buildings and new high-rise buildings meet. Inserted between two high towers, on a long and very narrow plot, the building is 4 meters wide and 25 meters high.

Creative studios occupying the building benefit from fluid traffic between the trays through a central tower. The alternating terraces on the 2nd floor and on the roof offer spaces of life and exchange by promoting the community life.

“Leitão 653” was thought of as a place of inspiration in permanent connection with the city. This connection is ensured by a clear set of transparency on the facade. The building draws a cathedral light, completely revisited, in the manner of moucharabieh. The multi-faceted wall absorbs daylight. As for the night, the light radiates like a case worked by a silversmith. In this urban theater are scenes carved by a lace of fine glass, carved and articulated like a spectacle of Chinese shadows.

This gigantic panel allows a delicate communication between the city and the interior of the building while offering a real solution to the constraints of vis-à-vis.

The specificity of this project lies in its layout that promotes emulation, expansion, as a business incubator, an urban incubator.

Project Manager: Damien Murat, Bruno Simões, Aline D´Avola, Pedro de Mattos Ferraz

Credits: Pedro Kok, Leonardo Finotti

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