City Hall Public Competition

Client: Auby City Hall | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 1900 m² | Ground: 1572 m²
City: Auby | Country: France
Schedule: 2012

The former Auby town hall is rehabilitated to make interior spaces suitable for the new equipment while enhancing the beauty of its original architecture, particularly its frame. It houses the reception hall and the premises of the youth service on the ground floor as well as the premises of the social services and the offices of the media library on the first floor, the existing floor is maintained. In order to make the most of the potential of the existing building, the shared premises and the offices of the cultural department live in the new under-carpentry space, easily accessible by the central staircase.

The building envelope and the intermediate floors are remodeled while the roof is preserved in its entirety and its given structure to see.

The building of the municipal archives is modified to welcome a room of animation in a unified space offering a great flexibility: cathedral where the frame is also put in value. Technical and storage spaces are created to support this room. Its redevelopment follows a program similar to that of the old town hall for facades. An individual forecourt in the entertainment room directly on Rue Léon Blum forms the secondary entrance to the equipment.

The covered extension follows the declivity of the natural terrain between the old town hall and the municipal archives. It therefore has a terrace floor, the different levels of which are associated with different reading spaces inside the media library; thus offering visibility on the entire library from the host bank.

The large picture windows in the historic buildings are protected by large moving panels made of ultra-light and robust material that act as a sun-breaker. The body of the new building, facing east-west will be equipped with the same device to protect the bays from the action of the sun without compromising the desired transparency with public space.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Morgan Rappy | Credits: Triptyque