Urban Forest

Client: Amata | Architecture: Triptyque
Surface: 4340 m² | Ground: 1025 m²
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2017 – 2020

The AMATA project resulting from a collaboration between the afforestation company AMATA and the Franco-Brazilian office Triptyque Architecture offers innovative solutions. We find the wood, which is beginning to be valued especially thanks to its high structural, mechanical, acoustic and thermal performances, its resistance to fire and its environmental sustainability.

It is planned for 2020 and will consist of 13 floors with a total area of ​​4700 m² allows for multiple uses, such as co-working, co-living, shops and restaurants.

The URBAN FOREST project is the application of a return to the nature of architecture and allows a total sensory experience, metaphor of a habitable urban forest, a visible and invisible wood and the use of vegetation and landscape. With its stepped silhouette, it fits perfectly with the uneven topography of the Vila Madalena district, creating an architectural promenade. The wooden building represents the beginnings of a new inexhaustible matrix of construction. </ P>
AMATA is also exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture from May 26 to November 25, 2018. It will focus on “the ability of architecture to offer free and additional space to those who use it. And, therefore, “freespace” will represent “the generosity of the spirit and the sense of humanity that architecture places at the center of the agenda”.

Coordinator: Aloysio Felix | Project Manager: João Vieira, Nicolas François, Sávio Jobim, Flávia Vendramini

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