Art, Exhibition & Visitor Center Competition

Client: Venarey les Laumes ity Hall
Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 1900 m² | Ground: 3296 m²
City: Venarey les Laumes | Country: France
Schedule: 2012

The richness and diversity of the program occupy the heart of our reflection on the Alesia project. We wanted to work in a constant concern for transparency, readability and openness to the city of various activities that unfold successively or simultaneously.

The project is articulated around three main figures: the roof, the corridor and the marquise.

The roof, a single folded metal structure, houses and protects all the programs of the art center and the pole.

The corridor becomes the main circulation space that unfolds in the gallery along the entire length of the building. It is at once the place of passage and meeting unifying the whole building and opens totally to the city by large glazed sides.

The Marquise opens the rainwater collected by the roof, which is grouped in basins occupied by aquifers. This dynamic mechanism favors vertical vegetal growth constituting a green curtain. The set formed by the marchioness and vegetation tempers the incidence of the sun on its southern orientation and is a subtle visual filter.

Since 2000, Triptyque Architecture has been exploring tools for contemporary and sustainable architecture and contributing to the development of urban areas. Today based in São Paulo and Paris, the agency created by Grégory Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaelli completes its 15 years of creation.

Project manager: Damien Murat | Credits: Triptyque