The Minhocão Marquise

Urban Planning

Client: São Paulo City Hall | Architect: Triptyque
Ground: 3 km
City: São Paulo | Country: Brazil
Schedule: 2017

The Minhocão viaduct was built in 1971 as a sign of the modernity who gave to the cars a central place. Today, it appears as a scar in São Paulo downtown. The director plan has until 16 years to transform this elevation of almost 3km. For many years the focus was on the future of the high road, but never its lower part, completely forgotten in this reflection while it is surely the most affected, such as an urban tunnel, source of shade, a leftover of the São Paulo city.

Triptyque in collaboration with the landscaper Guil Blanche, changed the point of view on this infrastructure, and so move from the high road to the Marquise. Triptyque and Guil Blanche invite us to see it as a productive space and not any more a sub space.

First of all, the project is participative. The first step of this reflection was to invite the local community to develop and share their desires for the future of the Minhocão Marquise.

Then, Triptyque wants to give life to this space by giving light thanks to a simple opening operation, to create beams of natural light. The light actives the place and allow the life to settle, first  in the form of the nature. The Minhocão Marquise is the most polluted place in São Paulo. According to research, suspended plants from the ceiling over the entire length of Minhocão, will filter 20% of the cars CO2 emissions. The irrigation of these plants will be provided by a natural water harvesting system, the vaporization of this water will have a sanitation role of the air and will clean the Marquise surface.

Finally, the Marquise could receive a mix of programs. Its length will be divided into blocks determined by the space between each pillar (33m), these blocks will be numbered as the “posts” of the huge beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Each block gets 4 program modules: culture, food, services and shops. These programs will be framed by a PPP legal framework (public private partnership) in which the São Paulo Mayor will play a curatorial role among others.

General Manager: Luiz Trindade | Project Manager: Felipe Alves, Pedro de Mattos, Marcelo Checchia | Credits: Triptyque