Mixed use

Client: SEDP | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 1500m² – 2500 m² | Ground: 7000 m²
City: Saint-Denis | Country: France
Schedule: 2016

The Espace Océan project consists of developing the Quadrilatère Océan in the city center of Saint Denis de La Réunion by carrying out a mixed program comprising shops, housing, offices, a hotel, a pocket of underground parking, a nursery and a local association. The Espace Océan project is set up on a wasteland on the outskirts of downtown Saint-Denis de La Reunion. This site, which is currently changing, is at the heart of major urban issues at the commune level.

Located on the seafront, it connects the Petit Marché to the bus station, in the extension of the axis Félix Guyon. It is a place with strong urban constraints because linked to existing uses, but it is also a place “showcase” of Saint-Denis because it is easily seen from the approach of the plane to the Roland Garros Airport .

The challenge is to reconcile two scales and two dynamics that, in principle, oppose each other; on the one hand, an ambitious program (17,551 m² of shops, 613 housing units, 4533 m² of offices, a hotel of 3977 m², a nursery of 893 m² and finally 299 m² dedicated to an associative space), which responds to a desire for densification . On the other, a need to create continuity with the existing city, halftone and heterogeneous.

Project manager: Morgan Rappy, Damien Murat, Nastasia La Spina, Francine Ouriques, Guilherme Ramalho, Fernanda Moura, Pablo Resende, Nicolas François | Credits: Triptyque