Mixed Use Public Competition

Client: Crescendo | Architect: Triptyque + Bidard & Raissi
Surface: 6200 m² | Ground: 1730 m²
City: Nanterre | Country: France
Schedule: 2016

We are proposing a hybrid environment for a new world of living, social mix, spatial flexibility and agricultural production. We believe that it should be rich in uses and diversity. We did not want to build a single residential building but a “living well”, meeting domestic, associative, and productive spheres. In a simple and generous form, articulated by a heterogeneous urban fabric, we propose a project that responds to the citizens of more social justice and functional diversity.

The project is inhabited by a farmhouse planted on the roof and garden, offering the terraces of vegetable and animal husbandry a view to an agricultural garden. The building spreads out like strata offering on all the periphery of the balconies and terraces; its balconies and terraces are inhabited by agricultural and bucolic vegetation.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Francine Ouriques | Credits: Triptyque, Rocco (3D Perspective)