Client: Huningue City Hall | Architect: Triptyque + Pietri Architectes + Nicolas Laisné* Associés
Surface: 30 200 m² | Ground: 14 350 m²
City: Huningue | Country: France
Schedule: 2016

This competition won by the three agencies with Constructa is part of the 3Land project: in 2012, the cities of Basel (Switzerland), Huningue (France) and Weil-am-Rhein (Germany) signed a joint planning agreement in the purpose of creating a true cross-border district. In this context, the 3Land project envisages the creation of a housing, leisure and tourism center in Huningue. The shoreline site has been identified as an anchor point for this new cluster.

The shoreline site, facing the three borders, represents a unique opportunity for the city of Huningue: that of opening its downtown on the river, but also that of strengthening its influence in the agglomeration Bâloise grouping Huningue , Weil-am-Rhein and Basel, each of which has 7,000, 30,000 and 165,000 inhabitants respectively.

Aware of the unique opportunity of this site, the architects of the agencies laisne roussel, Pietri Architects and Triptych carried in this international competition an ambitious project, to make this new fluvial district a place of privileged life, near the Rhine, where you will find many homes with exceptional views, shops, offices and recreational areas.

The architectural and landscape design of the project was guided by three ambitions: to open Huningue on the river by creating a new relationship with water, to put the city in the Basel agglomeration with a flagship project, and to offer Huninguois a new place exceptional life, in the heart of the green network. Each building, while affirming its singularity, contributes to the realization of this city project.

The Jetées project opens the town of Huningue on the Rhine, not only by extending the city center to the banks, but also by intertwining the city and the river, the common denominator of the three cities, to create a real fluvial district, iconic, at the crossroads of the three countries.

General Manager: Morgan Rapy | Project Manager: Damien Murat | Credits: +IMGS