Comandante Ferraz Base

Brazilian Antartic Research Base

Client: Brazil | Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 3500 m²
Country: Antartic
Schedule: 2013

Facing a scientific, technical, environmental, human, symbolic and geo-political challenge, a simple and efficient strategy that could respond to all needs and goals should be developped. It needed a principle that integrates security (fire protection first), flexibility and modularity and that could provide comfort, thermal or acoustic, but, above all, quality of life for users.

The plan of the bases is based on the displacement of dangerous units away from the heart. This radiant core implies a central point of life surrounded by units heterogeneous, a complicated logistics with strong environmental impact, due to the use of motorized transport, cables, pathways and sheds.

Therefore, the new EACF is projected onto a line of distribution, a backbone that allows the sectorization of uses, the hierarchy of needs and compression of spaces, creating its own logistics that, from a technical and human viewpoint, solves its disposal. This branch, grouping all programs in a way only, increases the visual impact of the base and reduces environmental impact.

At ground level, seeking minimal impact to let the water from defrost pass and let the wind flow to prevent the accumulation of snow, is proposed to support the station on stilts. Its elevation allows the use of a logistic system of lifting and displacement, simple and efficient, composed by a crane. The structure of the base, used in this way, free the land from any mechanical interference, and determines ways to protect pedestrians or machines.

The boat’s material may land directly from the beach, once stabilized. The crane uses this line distributor depending on the destination of the material that may serve to the construction of the base and then be integrated to it.

The structuring axis of the base is divided at its tip to accommodate the Y living units, minimal three points image of distribution, characterizing the station, allowing quick and simple connection between the modules. In addition to fit the terrain, it develops forming a sunny square in front of the social center, meeting place, once used in a logistic invasive way by the machines.

General manager: Luiz Trindade | Project manager: Ricardo Innecco | Credits: RSI-STUDIO, Triptyque