Art, Exhibition & Visitor Center Competition

Client: Venarey les Laumes ity Hall
Architect: Triptyque
Surface: 1900 m² | Ground: 3296 m²
City: Venarey les Laumes | Country: France
Schedule: 2012

The project is a machine for producing culture, energy, economic and social activities, without losing sight of its original function: the distribution and promotion of culture in the form of concerts, of sociability in the form of meetings, and of the economy in the form of fairs. The land considered includes arable land, a direct access to the banks of the Hérault river, an excellent accessibility, as well as the existence of a composting plant in its surroundings. It seemed essential for us to work on the “genius loci” – the spirit of the place, by lifting a part of the land in order to insert the project as an implant. This elevated “skin” operates as a belvedere, a spot for programmatic elements (refreshment stalls, explanatory viewing areas etc.), a flow management system (pedestrians and bike), and a support for sustainable development (biomass production, natural rainwater filter, etc.). The space formed by this lifting of land, circumscribed by large polycarbonate panels, illuminates in a natural way its insides and delimits as such the equipment.

Project manager: Damien Murat | Credits: Triptyque